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Your Purchase Matters

All proceeds go to support the nonprofit Climate Change Now Initiative — AND — every time you wear your climate change t-shirt, everyone who sees it is influenced by global warming psychology. It’s just this simple.

The Initiative uses revenues from sales to seek out the latest climate science from around the world and change this science into plain English articles, films and music using global warming psychology. Our field work leads us to some of the most remote places imaginable where climate change impacts are already extreme so that we can not just say, but show you the reality of how fantastic warming impacts have already become. And, we do much more than this!

We have immersed ourselves into the perceived academic debate about the theoretical economic infeasibility of climate pollution treatment. Because these technologies hold such great promise of simple solutions, doubt sowed by the debate has allowed negative propaganda to overwhelm the science. We reveal the true nature of not only theory, but actual industrial scale field trials of climate pollution treatment that are proceeding at costs similar to what we spend on advertising across the planet every year.

Our counsel reaches the highest levels in national and international environmental and regulatory leadership because, current policy is literally 20 years behind. Climate reform policy has not changed since we first began attempts at implementation in the mid-1990s, and because the perceived debate rages, only a very few specialists understand the leading science happening today.

It’s only common sense that because we delayed so long, impacts are far worse. But! The same “doubt” cast by those who would rather climate change not be real, has also masked the science behind the most important solutions.

Check out the Global Warming Psychology to find out how the simple act of wearing a t-shirt is so vastly important to our world today, and visit ClimateDiscovery.org to see your money in action. Yes, you can do something about the weather!