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First Climate Report from EPA in Four Years: No Thanks to Denier in Chief trump

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For the first time since the Climate Change Denier in Chief was “elected” in 2016, when he shut down climate science at the US Federal Government, the Environmental Protection Agency…

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Permafrost Collapse Ongoing – Completes With No Further Warming

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Background: Permafrost Collapse is Underway With Emission Plausibly Rivaling All of Global Transportation… Across the Northern Hemisphere, permafrost melt emitted 630 TgC, or 2.3 gigatons (Gt) CO2 (not including methane)…

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Founded in 2005, the Climate Change Now Initiative is at the forefront of climate science education. This science tells us that abrupt changes have begun 100 times more extreme and 100 years ahead of schedule. Because of the delay, too much CO2 has been emitted for emissions reductions to cool. But the delay has allowed scientists to perfect the solutions: unambigous, cheap, simple, and much different than before — but further delay is no longer optional. The newly emerging science of global warming psychology says previous education strategies have failed and new ones are needed.

Thirty years of delay
Abrupt changes have begun
Our old climate culture must rapidly change

We use the most advanced global warming psychology to enhance outreach. Thirty years of trying has resulted in advancement of impacts that will result in unrecoverable scenarios if we do not reverse warming immediately.

Global Warming Psychology

See our interpretations of the most important science on ice sheet collapse, Gulf Stream shutdown, beach disintegration, high altitude and high latitude ecological collapse, Amazon collapse, Greenland, and much more including reporting on global warming psychology, our experimental documentaries, and our blues, rock and folk music at our base camp:

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